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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be on November 30 from 7:30pm-9:30pm. It will be televised and there will be celebrity performances.

The tree has been put up in Rockefeller Center and they are currently applying it’s thousands of lights.


Grand Central Holiday Fair

In Grand Central‘s Vanderbilt Hall there is a Holiday Fair held between Nov. 15-Dec. 24 and open from 11am-9pm. The holiday fair had a variety of types vendors including jewelery, wearable art, clothing, and home decor. The fair has booths set up for many vendors including Aviva Stanoff, Karen Curtis, Jessie Girl Clothing, Christina World, Song of Silk, Tanjore, and others.

As soon as you walk toward the Vanderbilt Hall you see theĀ Aviva Stanoff and Karen Curtis booths.

Christina’s World had amazing hand painted glass ornaments.

Arthur Christmas Still At It!

I was in Grand Central Station yesterday and noticed that the Arthur Christmas movie has a Santa sit in the sleigh I talked about in the previous post. There is a sign that lists times for when children can come and see Santa.

They also added more promotions for the movie.

Here are some articles about the Arthur Christmas‘ advertising in Grand Central Station. One of the articles is from ABC and the other is from the Wall Street Journal.

Arthur Christmas

The Arthur Christmas movie is coming out on November 23. They are doing some major Advertising for it in the Grand Central subway station. As you proceed to the shuttle train there is a gigantic Santa Slay. Next to the sleigh is cutouts of the characters from the Arthur movie.

Along with this display are pillars that look like candy canes.

Also one of the shuttle trains is a gigantic Arthur advertisement.

You can find the trailer to the movie here.


Porcelain Villages

One of my favorite things to do around the Christmas Season is to create Christmas Villages out of Porcelain buildings and figurines. You can create the North Pole or just get creative.

While in Kmart recently I saw some Porcelain buildings that caught my eye.

There are also figurines that you can put in the towns. The way to start these villages is to buy fake snow/land to place the village on.

Some New York City Decorations

While walking around the city I took some pictures.

The above two pictures are some window decorations I found at Morton Williams Supermarket.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Radio City Music Hall

The UBS Building

My Fox: New York, Share Your Holiday Lights

My Fox: New York is allowing their viewers to upload photos and videos of their holiday decorations. People have uploaded pics/videos of decorations located both inside and outside of their homes. This is a great way to get some ideas for holiday decorating. Fox News shows some of the homes on the news.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be tomorrow Tuesday November 30, 2010 from 7-9pm. The tree is lit from 5:30 am – 11:30 pm daily. On Christmas Day and New Years Day it will be lit from 5:30am – 9:30pm. The tree (which is from my home town Mahopac, NY) is lit by 30,000 environmentally friendly lights. At the top of it is a Swarovski crystal star. The NBC telecast will start at 8:00pm and the tree will be lit at 8:55pm. Pictures will be up soon.

Karl’s Bed & Breakfast

Karl’s Bed & Breakfast is located about 40 minutes north of Lake George, NY and about 30 minutes north from Gore Mountain in a town called Indian Lake. Karl’s Bed & Breakfast houses hunters, snowmobilers, skiers, and others alike. The house was decorated in a Christmas theme for open house. Snowmen, Santa Claus, and Christmas Trees were beautifully decorated throughout every room in the house.

One Christmas Tree located in the living room.

Pine Garland and red Christmas ornaments decorated above the windows in every room.

Figurines and candles were found all throughout the house.

Christmas Carolers spreading holiday cheer decorated the mantle piece.

$1 store shopping Christmas

When I went into a dollar store yesterday, I noticed they had some pretty decent holiday decorations. Here are some pictures of the decorations I liked.

These are present decorations, they could be put anywhere you wanted to decorate.

Here are some ornaments

Here are some more ornaments.

They also had a lot of Christmas cups, napkins, and plates for parties.