Karl’s Bed & Breakfast

Karl’s Bed & Breakfast is located about 40 minutes north of Lake George, NY and about 30 minutes north from Gore Mountain in a town called Indian Lake. Karl’s Bed & Breakfast houses hunters, snowmobilers, skiers, and others alike. The house was decorated in a Christmas theme for open house. Snowmen, Santa Claus, and Christmas Trees were beautifully decorated throughout every room in the house.

One Christmas Tree located in the living room.

Pine Garland and red Christmas ornaments decorated above the windows in every room.

Figurines and candles were found all throughout the house.

Christmas Carolers spreading holiday cheer decorated the mantle piece.


$1 store shopping Christmas

When I went into a dollar store yesterday, I noticed they had some pretty decent holiday decorations. Here are some pictures of the decorations I liked.

These are present decorations, they could be put anywhere you wanted to decorate.

Here are some ornaments

Here are some more ornaments.

They also had a lot of Christmas cups, napkins, and plates for parties.

$1 store shopping Hanukkah

So I went into a dollar store yesterday and I was very surprised to see decent holiday decorations for a dollar. They didn’t have too many Hannakuh decorations, but here are some I found.

A banner

Deck The Halls

I recommend watching the movie Deck The Halls, it is one of my favorite holiday movies. It is a great movie to help you get inspired to decorate for Christmas. Below is a clip from the movie.

Jefferson Valley Mall

Yesterday, I went to the Jefferson Valley Mall and went to Bath & Body Works. There were some great decorations in the mall as well as Bath & Body Works. Santa Claus was already at the mall! Below are some decoration I found in the mall.

This is a picture of the Wreath in the mall

You could stop and take a picture with Santa Claus!

You could buy Christmas bulbs filled with Cinnamon Mints.

You could also buy these soap dispensers.


Easy Turkey Decoration

Here is another easy craft to do, this one is a turkey. This craft is recommended for children 6 and up, but adults can do it also. Unlike some crafts, this craft doesn’t necessarily look cheap or even like a craft. Click the image below to go to the website to learn more on how to make these turkeys.

A cute touch to Thanksgiving dinner

Here is a craft that is easy to do and will allow you to personalize thanksgiving dinner. It is easy to do and shouldn’t take a lot of time. I found this craft on Disney’s Family Fun website.

Koziar’s Christmas Village

So I am thinking about going to Koziar’s Christmas Village in December. I have never been there, but it seems pretty cool. Check out some pictures of the decorations.

Picture of Koziar’s Christmas Village

I hope to go and take some pictures myself. Make sure to check back for my own pictures of this awesome Christmas village.

Make your own ornaments

Here is a craft that you can do with others or maybe even make as a gift. You can go out and buy clear ornaments, you should use plastic if you are working with children. You should be able to buy them in any craft store this time of year. If not you can buy them here. These ornaments can also be filled with whatever you like.

This craft is very easy to do, you can glue and decorate these ornaments with many different things. You can fill them with glitter and many other things. Here are some pictures of ornaments that you can easily make yourself.

This is an ornament that can be bought at Michaels.

This ornament can also be bought at Michaels.

Some Simple Thanksgiving Decorating

There are a lot of ways you can decorate for Thanksgiving. The easy ways are leaving out your old pumpkins and gourds that were left over from Halloween or go out and buy some. You can find them in most super markets around this time.  You could also go out and buy a blow up turkey. You can buy some Indian corn and hang it anywhere in your house.

A cart of gourds, perfect for Thanksgiving

Inflatable Turkey

Indian Corn